Windows XP Setup for MICHUSA.COM

Setting Up Your Account using the Internet Connection Wizard

Step 1) To access the wizard, click on the Start button. From the Start button, click on the All Programs button and choose from the pop-up menus: Accessories, then Communications, then New Connection Wizard.

Step 2) If you have never specified a dial-up connection in Windows XP before, you will now see a window labeled Location Information like the one below. If you do not see this window, skip the next step. Specify the values appropriate to your location in the blanks for country/region and area code, whether you need a carrier code (phone company) to get an outside line (such as 10-10 numbers or a three digit carrier code number you received from you phone company), if you need to first type a number (such as "9") to get an outside line and if the line you dialing out of has tone or pulse dialing capabilities. When you are finished with this information, click the OK button to continue. At the next window, labeled Phone and Modem Options, click OK to continue.

Step 3) The New Connection Wizard window will now appear. Click the Next button to continue to the next screen.

Step 4) Choose the Connect to the Internet option for dial-up accounts. If you have an ethernet or special connection make the appropriate selection (if you are not sure contact us at 248-478-4301) . Click the Next button to continue.

Step 5) Choose the middle option: Set up my connection manually then click the Next button to continue.

Step 6) In most cases you will choose the top option: Connect using a dial-up modem to setup your account. If you need to set up your account using one of the other two options, please call our office at 248-478-4301. Click the Next button to continue.

Step 7) Type in the field for ISP Name then click the Next button to continue.

Step 8) Type your local access number for in the field for Phone Number (remember to verify with your local phone Operator that the number you'll be calling is local and not toll call) then click the Next button to continue.

Step 9) Select the appropriate use for this connection, then click Next button. .

Step 10) Type your username.(The first part of your email address with us.) in the User name: field. In the
field, type your password, then retype your password in the
Confirm password:
field. If the computer you are setting up is used by people other than yourself who should not have access to your account, remove the check from the box labeled Use this account. name and password when anyone connects to the Internet from this computer. You have the option to check or uncheck the other two items (the default is shown as having the boxes checked). Click the Next button continue.


Step 11) Click on the Finish button to complete the setup.

Double-Checking Existing Connections

This section is designed for users to check their dial-up networking settings with Windows XP. To get to the Dial-up Networking folder, follow this path: first click on the Start button then select Control Panel menu then Network Connections. You should now have the Network Connections window open. Locate the connection that you have made.

This will show the Advanced settings window and confirm that this box is not checked. Keep clicking on the
button until you are completely out of all windows.