Windows XP Outlook Setup for MICHUSA.COM

Setting Up Your Account using the Account Wizard

Step 1) Go to the Start menu and Open MicroSoft Outlook. If no email accounts exist, the account wizard may start automatically. If not click on the Tools menu and select email accounts. .

Step 2) Select the Add a new e-mail account option then click the Next button to continue the setup.

Step 3) Select the POP3 option then click the Next button to continue the setup.

Step 4) Type your name and your E-mail address in the User Information fields. Type and the Server Information fields (respectively). Type your email address and password in the Logon Information fields (NOTE: the user name and apssword are both case sensitive so make sure it is entered all lowercase. click the Next button to continue.

Step 5) Click on the Finish button to complete the setup.

Check/Change Settings

To make changes to your existing account settings, choose the E-mail Accounts option from the Tools menu. Choose the View or change existing e-mail accounts option then click the Next button.

After opening email accounts, you should see your account appear in the window. You can, at this time, select it and make alterations to the account by clicking the Change... button or Remove the account or add another email account.