Outlook '98 Setup for MICHUSA.COM

New Account Setup

Step 1) Open the program and select the Accounts option from the Tools menu. Click on the Add button to start a new account. (NOTE: you can edit existing accounts by selecting the account name and clicking the Properities button or by double-clicking on the account name.)

Fig. 1-1

Step 2) The Internet Connection Wizard will assist you to congifure you new account. Enter you name in the Display name: field then click the Next button to move to the next screen.

Fig. 1-2

Step 3) In this window you will be asked to type the incoming and outgoing server names which is respectively: mail.michusa.com and smtp.michusa.com. The incoming mail server is set to the default of POP3. Please leave this setting at the default unless you are familiar with and prefer using the other settings. Click on the Next button to continue the setup.

Fig. 1-3

Step 4) In this window, Select the Log on Using: radio button then enter your username (username@michusa.com) and password. Click the Next button.

Fig. 1-4


Step 5) You will be prompted to give a friendly name in this screen. Our default suggestion is to use pop.michusa. Click the Next button to continue the setup.

Fig. 1-5

Step 6) In this screen, choose a connection type. For most applications use "Connect using my phone line" unless otherwise instructed. Click on the Next button.

Fig. 1-6

Step 7) Click on the Finish button to end the setup.

To double check the configuration: If you clicked on Properties Everything should look like this (except the userid is filled in with your name).

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