Setting Your MICHUSA Email Account Using Microsoft Outlook

NOTE: If you are using the Internet Setup Assistant for configuring your internet access, Outlook Express should already be configured for you.

Click once on the Preferences icon from the Tool Bar to display the following window:

Type your email address in the text box for E-mail address:

Type "" in the text box for SMTP server:

Type your email address (example: in the text box for Account ID:

Type "" in the text box for POP Server:

Optional items: Typing your full name in the Full Name: text box and checking the checkbox next to Save password: (Outlook will ask you to type your password the first time you access your mail, then remember your password thereafter when the "Save Possword" box is checked).


Setting Your MICHUSA News Account Using Microsoft Outlook

Click once on the news option in the Accounts Category to display a configuration window as shown in the figure below:

Type "" in the text box for the Server address:

The remainder of the text boxes in the above screen do not require completion for your MICHUSA.COM account mail and news access.

Click the OK button to return to the Outlook Express window to begin using your mail and news with MICHUSA.COM.