The internet setup for System X can either be accessed through the picture selection at the bottom of the screen or by choosing the System Preferences… option from the menu bar selection in the upper left hand corner. Choose the Network option from the Internet & Network topic.




The Network dialog box is an all-in-one procedure for setting up internet access.

Step 1) First, choose the New Location option from the Location field. Type “michusa” in the field box, then click the OK button. 


Step 2) Select the correct port for the Show: option to select the way you are going to connect to the internet.


For DSL or Ethernet connections:  select the Ethernet option.


For ISDN or modem connections: select the Modem option and choose the modem you are using from the drop down list. 


Make sure Enable error correction and compression in modem is checked, the sound is on and you have selected the correct dialing option.




Step 3) Click on the TCP/IP tab.


Use the correct configuration for your type of connection.


For ISDN or DSL connections: select the Using DHCP Server option, and then click on the Apply Now button.

For Ethernet connections: select the Manual option. If you have an Ethernet connection, you will need to know your IP address, Subnet Mask and Router address. Please contact us at 248-478-4301 if you need assistance.


For dialup connections:  select Using PPP from the Configure: option. If you selected Using PPP for your connection. Type the following IP addresses in the Domain Name Server field box.


            Primary Address:

            Secondary Address:


For the Search Domains field box type:


Step 4) If you are using a dial-up connection, click the PPP tab and enter the service providers name, telephone number, alternate number, userid (i.e., johndoe), password. And click the Save password checkbox.

Step 5) For all dial-up connections, click the PPP tab and enter the service providers name, telephone number, alternate number, userid (i.e., johndoe) and password. And click the Save password checkbox. Click the PPP Options button.

This dialog box will enable you to set sessions options, such as setting the disconnect time, or redial settings.  Under Advenced Options:the top two boxes should be checked for all michusa accounts.

Click the OK button to return to the Network dialog box, then click the APPLY NOW button to finish the setup configuration.


To connect to your account, choose the INTERNET CONNECT option in the tool bar.




Click on the MAIL option in the tool bar location at the bottom of the System X screen.


Click on the Email tab and choose your default email reader, and type the following information as shown in the dialog box below. 



Click on the Web tab and set your web browser, home page and search preferences.

Click on the News tab to set your default newsreader and news server name (use if you are using your michusa account).


You also have the option for setting up an iTools account by choosing the iTools tab. For more information about this account go to this URL:


As always, if you have any problems with these configurations, please call our customer service department at 248-478-4301.