Windows NT version 3.51 Setup for MICHUSA.COM

This short tutorial covers the setup of Remote Access Services (RAS) on Windows NT for use with a MICHUSA.COM PPP account. Before you start, you should have the Windows NT networking support loaded on your system. In particular, you need to have the TCP/IP protocol loaded. Other protocols (IPX, NetBEUI) are not needed for your PPP connection. Consult your system manuals for information about loading network software from your installation disks or CD.

Configure RAS (Remote Access Services)

Step 1) Double-Click the Remote Access Services icon which is located in the Remote Access Services Program group found in your Program Manager, to run RAS. .Click the Add button to create a new entry in the dialing directory.

Fig. 1-1

Step 2) Enter in the Entry Name: field. Set the phone number to the dial-up number that is local to the number you are dialing from. Click on the Advanced button. Select a port which is appropriate for the modem installed on your machine. Click on the Modem button

Fig. 1-2

Step 3) Input the appropriate settings for your modem, such as the speed of the modem. Make sure that all of the boxes for Hardware Features are checked and the Enter modem commands manually box is unchecked. Click the OK button to return to the Add Phone Book Entry window.

Fig. 1-3

Step 4) .Click on the Network button. Make sure that PPP is selected. Deselect both NetBEUI and IPX if you are using a modem to make the internet connection. (If you are using a dedicated connection both NetBEUI and IPX must be checked.) Make sure that TCP/IP is selected.
Uncheck "Request LCP Extensions" if it is selected. Click the TCP/IP Settings... button.

Fig. 1-4

Step 5) Select Server assigned IP address. Select Server assigned name server addresses. .Make sure that the two bottom checkboxes are checked: Use IP header compression and Use default gateway on remote network. Click the OK button to return to the Add Phone Book Entry window.

Fig. 1-5

Step 6).Click Security Settings button. Select Accept any authentication including clear text, then click OK button.
Click OK on all the menus back to the RAS dialing directory.

Fig. 1-6

Using Your PPP Account

To log in:

  1. Run RAS.
  2. Double-click the entry in the dialing directory.
  3. Fill in the User Name and Password information . Be sure to enter the user name and password which ocrrespond to your michusa account.
  4. Leave the Domain: field empty.
  5. Click the OK button to establish a connection.
  6. After you are connected, you can then run any programs which access the network (telnet, FTP, web brower, or email program, etc.)

    Fig. 1-7

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