Netscape 3.x PC Setup for MICHUSA.COM

Account Setup

Step 1) Double-click on the Netscape application icon to open the program. Choose the Mail and News Preferences... from the Options menu.


Step 2) Click on the Servers tab and type the following information: in the Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server: field and in the Incoming Mail (POP) Server: field. Type your email address, being careful to type it exactly (your email address is case sensitive). Leave the Maximum Message Size set to None. The radio button should also be set to have your messages removed from the server unless you get a message at your home computer, but want to get it at work, you will be able to because it is still on the server. The down side is that this will tend to fill up your E-Mail space on your server. You also have the option to check mail at various intervals. For the news server type and leave the default of 500 messages in the field for the Get: option. Click on the Identity tab to continue the setup.

Step 3) Type your login or username in the Your Name: field. Type your email address in the Your Email: and Reply-to-address: fields. If you have a signature file (something that you would like to include at the end of each email) you may add it at this time by chosing the Browse... button and retrieving the signature from your computer. If you do not have a signature leave the selection at the default (None).

Step 4) Click on the Organization tab and check the checkbox if you would like Netscape mail to remember your password. Click the OK button to apply these changes.

You can begin accessing your email by clicking on the envelope icon in the lower right corner of the Netscape window. The first time you access your email it will ask you to type in your password as verification. If you checked the box to have the program remember your password, you will be able to enter the email portion of this program and not be prompted to type your password each time. The choice is yours and one more important suggestion - it's probably a good idea to read the tutorial that will be emailed to you by Netscape (Mozilla).