Netscape 6.x Macintosh Setup for MICHUSA.COM

New Account Setup

Step 1) Begin by opening the Netscape program. Go to the Edit menu and choose the Mail option, then the Newsgroups option to the Account Settings option. Click on the New Account button. OR, click on the envelope (Mail Icon) in the lower right corner of the Netscape window to activate the Account Wizard. Select ISP or email provider from the list of setups then click the Next button to continue the setup.

Step 2) Enter your real or business name in the Your Name: field and your email address in the Email Address: field. Click the Next button to move to the next screen.


Step 3) In this window you will be asked to type the incoming server name which is: The incoming mail server is set to the default of POP3. Please leave this setting at the default unless you are familiar with and prefer using the other settings. Click on the Next button to continue the setup.

Step 4) Type the first portion of your email address in the User Name: field. Make sure that it is correctly spelled (our server is case sensitive) then click the Next button.

Step 5) Type a name for this account (i.e., your email address or use one of the suggestions that appear in the Account Name window. Click the Next button to continue the setup.

Step 6) This screen varifies that the account is set for the user listed in the window. Click the Finish button to complete the setup.

To read your mail you can click on the envelope icon in the lower right corner. The first time you access your new account, it will ask for your password. Thereafter, you can access your account freely.