What do you need to know from your local phone provider regarding your
IDSN setup?

You'll need to know the switch type, the Service Profile Identifiers, (SPIDs) which is just an
extended version of the phone number, the Directory Number (DN) which is the simple 7 digit
phone number. Your phone company should mail or FAX you a data sheet with this info after you
order installation. BRI (two 64 Kbps "B" channels and a 16 Kbps control channel "D")
automatically has two phone numbers, hence two SPIDs. You may need to specify whether you
want to be able to send voice and data on both of these numbers. Note: Even though your phone
company may tell you that the switch is a particular type, if it is running the National NI-1 ISDN
protocol, select this in your TA (Terminal Adapter) configuration. ISDN Ordering Code S
(Michigan): Alternate Voice/Circuit-switched Data on both B-Channels should be used. Also let
your local phone provider know if you have a second phone line installed. You may want to convert
this to ISDN. Your local phone provider should also be informed which ISP (Internet Service
Provider) you plan to use.

How do you setup your ISDN?

The ISDN modem connects to your Macintosh with an RS-232 to DIN 8 hardware handshaking
cable. If you are using a 14.4 Kbps or faster modem now, you likely already have one of these
cables. The Mac Connection sells them (part # 01093) for $14.95. The TA (Terminal Adapter) you
buy may not even come with a cable for a PC because there are several different possible COM port
connectors. If it does, put it in a drawer and simply buy the cable mentioned above. A user has
reported that due to the long distance from the computer to the wall jack, he substituted a very long,
but regular grade phone cord from the TA to the wall jack instead of the one supplied, and it failed
to work properly. A data grade extension cable with twisted pair did work.

Your ISDN Terminal Adapter looks just like a regular modem to the Macintosh. It uses the Hayes
AT command set. Next, install any software that is included with your ISDN modem. You use your
PPP software, either Mac/PPP, FreePPP, PPP or Remote Access in the same way. You will
simply need to create a new configuration set for your ISP's phone number and set any special
modem init strings. If you are using Mac/PPP or FreePPP, please refer to your ISDN manual for
the the modem init string to use in your dialer configuration or you can refer to this link:
http://lava.net/~mjwise/modems.html for the correct modem init string to use. If you are using PPP
or Remote Access the modem selection can be made using the Internet Setup Assistant or by
choosing the Modem option under the Control Panels selection under the Apple menu.

If you use an ISDN router, then TCP/IP will think you are connected to an Ethernet LAN connected
to the Internet. The IP address you assign to your router is the gateway address. All your TCP/IP
clients will work as usual.

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