PPP Read Me For System 7.5.3 - 7.5.5 using MICHUSA.COM

Setting Up Your Mac for Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP)
Locate the folder called "macppp25Folder " in your MICHUSA folder that appears on your desktop. Our software download section also contains these programs. Call our office at 248-478-4301 for the exact location of these files. Remove the two application icons (ConfigPPP and PPP ) from the folder and put them on the desktop. Make sure the System folder is visable and drop both of these icons (ConfigPPP and PPP ) on the System folder. A dialog box will be displayed for both icons, informing you where they should belong in the System folder. Click OK to accept the placement of both icons in the System folder.

Setting Up "Config PPP"
Choose ConfigPPP from the Control Panels option located under the Apple menu on the Desktop and follow the settings outlined in the diagram below:

Step 1: Click on the Config... button.
Type in your PPP Server Name (If you just have one access number you can call the PPP Server Name BigNet. If you have multiple numbers to set up for access, you can name each PPP server name by location. In other words, it's your preference!!!).

Select your port speed (If you have a 14.4 modem, select 19200, if you have a 28.8 modem, select 38400, etc.)

Select the bottom selection (CTS & RTS (DTR) ) for the Flow Control :.

Click to select the Tone Dial radial button.

Type your local access number in the Phone num text box.
Type your modem init string. (See Attachment 1)

The Modem connect timeout: should be set at the default setting of 90 seconds.

Step 2: Click on the Authentication... button.

Type in your loginname@bignet.net (all in lower case and no spaces between the letters) in the text box for the Auth ID: option. Example: johndoe.

Type in your password in the text box for the Password: option.
You will see bullet points ( ) in place of the characters you just typed for your password.

The Retries: option should be set at the default of 10 and the Timeout: can be set at the default of 3 .

Click the OK button to accept the changes. Then click the Done button to return to the Config PPP dialog box.

If you wish to add another access number, you can do so by clicking the New... button.

You can add the next PPP server name (For multiple access numbers, you can name each PPP server name by location.) Click the OK button.

Click on the Config... button and you will see the new PPP server name you just created appear in the top box. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to finish the configuration.

Setting Up the "Network Software Selector " and "Open Transport TCP/IP"
To set the "Open Transport Networking" installed with System 7.5.3/System 7.5.5, first locate the Apple Extras folder on your hard disk.

Double-click to open the Apple Extras folder, then double-click to open the Network Software Selector icon.

Click the radial button to select the "Use Open Transport Networking " option.

Click the Network Software Selector close box, then restart your computer .

Choose the TCP/IP option located in the Control Panels selection under the Apple menu on the desktop. Follow the settings in the diagram below:

When finished, click on the close box to save the changes.

Setting Up "PPPop"
To setup your timer/logon program (PPop is a logon program & a timer that displays how much time you spent on the internet) you will need to expand the file you have downloaded from our bulletin board called: 22pppop.sea . The file will expand to display a folder called "PPPop 1.4" . Double-click on the folder and make an alias (Command + M) of the PPPop 1.4 icon. Drag the alias to the desktop and place it where you ca always see it(or perhaps in your launcher).

By double-clicking on the alias for PPPop you will see this icon:

This icon is your logon program: by clicking once on the PPP Icon you will log on to the internet. The logon procedure will display various dialog boxes informing you of the logon process, ending with a dialog box displaying a successful log on. To log on, click the OK button. You will hear a sound (zing!!) and see a green triangle pointing up on the PPPop icon. To log off, simply click once on the PPP icon. You will see a red triangle pointing down and hear a verbal "good-bye."

To set your preferences for PPPop, choose the Timer setup... command from the Timer menu. Follow the settings in the diagram below:

Click the OK button to accept the new changes. Since BigNet offers you unlimited time in the MetroDetroit area and 80 hours of connect time outside the MetroDetroit area of Michigan, you will be warned by this program if your total time exceeds 80 hours. To learn more about PPop, you can activate balloon help and point to various option on the PPop menu.


If you are using programs such as Eudora, Netscape, Anarchie, etc. you may be asked for certain information about your connection. Listed below is information that will help you setup various programs on the internet:

Service Machine Name (replace userid with your login ID)


NNTP Server (News) . . . . . news.123.net

POP3 Server (email). . . . . pop.michusa.com

IMAP Server (email). . . . . imap.michusa.com

SMTP Server (email). . . . . smtp.michusa.com

HTTP Server (WWW). . . . .. .www.michusa.com

FTP Server . . . . . . . . . ftp.michusa.com

Authorization Account. . . . userid (for using the dial-in modems)

Email Address. . . . . . . . userid@michusa.com

Email Return Address . . . . userid@michusa.com

POP Account. . . . . . . . . userid@pop.michusa.com

Home Page URL. . . . . . . . http://www.michusa.com/~userid/

Primary DNS Server . . . . .

Secondary DNS Server . . . ..


ATTACHMENT 1: Modems and Modem Strings

Use AT&F&D0 or AT&F for the following modems:
Aceex, Apple Express Modem, Boca, Cardinal, Compudyne, CPV, Digicom,
Dynalink (aka Telix and CMS?, Global Village Bronze, GVC, Hayes series, Intel, MacWarehouse, Macronix, Magic, Megahertz, Microcom, Multi-Tech, Practical Peripherals, Prometheus, PSI, Quicktel, Racal, SpectraCom, Telebit, UDS, Viking, Viva, Wang, Zoltrix, Zyxel

Use AT&F1&D0 or AT&F1 for the following modems:
Global Village Silver, Gold & Mercury, Supra, USRobotics,

Use ATZ for the following modems:
AT&T DataPort, Best Data, CPC, Data Race, Focus, Zoom

To quite your modem as you dial use M0 at the end of the string (example: AT&FM0)
To make your modem dial faster use S11=50 at the end of the string.(example: AT&FS11=50)

If the suggested string does not work for your modem, please contact our office at 810-442-1000.

Revised 6/25/02 (jo)