FreePPP 2.6 for Mac dial-up using MICHUSA.COM

FreePPP 2.6 available for download at:

Installing FreePPP

After downloading and unstuffing the file double click on the "Install FreePPP " icon to install FreePPP. The installer will place some files in your System folder and create a FreePPP folder: NOTE: if you are using any version of OS8, please disable the PPP extension.

Setting up a connection

To set up a FreePPP connection, double click on the FreePPPsetup icon. The main FreePPP setup window displays:

Click on the triangle in the lower left to expand the window and see the configuration information and controls. Match the settings shown in the windows above to create a connection "account." These settings will work for most users.

Click on the Accounts tab, then click on the New. button to make a new connection. Click on the Account tab. Type your user id or login name in the Account name: text box. Select "Directly" for the Connect: option. Type your email address in the User name: text box. Type your password in the Password: text box (see above diagram).

Click the Dialup tab once. Type in the area code of the local access numbers in the Area code: text box, then the local access number you are dial to in the Phone number: text box. Check the box next to Dial area code/Dial as long distance if you are calling from another area code. You may have up to two alternate numbers to access in this setup. Click the Options tab.

Type in the Domain name: text box If you are using TCP/IP, check the box next to Configure OT TCP/IP for this Account. If you are not using TCP/IP, type the Primary DNS number for MICHUSA.COM: the Secondary DNS number: If you have a dial-up account, select the radio button next to Assigned by PPP server for the IP Address:. If you have a dedicated line, select the second option for IP Address: and type in your IP address in the text box provided. Click the OK button.

The Locations tab provides additional phone dialing setup if you travel with your computer.

The Modems tab provides specific information regarding your type of modem, should you have problems connecting using the generic modem selection set as the default modem. Modify all information below and select the AutoDetect Init string option to allow the program to assign a string or type the init string (if you know it). See attachment 1 for a list of modem init strings for various modems.

Click the OK button to return to the FreePPP Setup Dialog Box.

ATTACHMENT 1: Modems and Modem Strings

Use AT&F&D0 or AT&F for the following modems:

Aceex, Apple Express Modem, Boca, Cardinal, Compudyne, CPV, Digicom,

Dynalink (aka Telix and CMS?, Global Village Bronze, GVC, Hayes series, Intel, MacWarehouse, Macronix, Magic, Megahertz, Microcom, Multi-Tech, Practical Peripherals, Prometheus, PSI, Quicktel, Racal, SpectraCom, Telebit, UDS, Viking, Viva, Wang, Zoltrix, Zyxel


Use AT&F1&D0 or AT&F1 for the following modems:

Global Village Silver, Gold & Mercury, Supra, USRobotics


Use ATZ for the following modems:

AT&T DataPort, Best Data, CPC, Data Race, Focus, Zoom

To quite your modem as you dial use M0 at the end of the string (example: AT&FM0)

To make your modem dial faster use S11=50 at the end of the string.(example: AT&FS11=50)

If the suggested string does not work for your modem, please contact our office at 248-478-4301.


Setting Up "TCP/IP"

Click the Open TCP/IP. button. Follow the settings in the diagram below:

Click on the Close box and save the changes. Restart your computer to activate the changes.


Making a connection

After creating an account, click on the Connect button in the FreePPP setup dialog box. Once you've made a successful connection, you can launch application software such as Netscape Commmunicator, Eudora, Outlook Express for email, or Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer to browse the Web.


If you are using programs such as Eudora, Netscape, Anarchie, etc. you may be asked for certain information about your connection. Listed below is information that will help you setup various programs on the internet:

Service Machine Name (replace userid with your login ID)
NNTP Server (News) . . . . .
POP3 Server (email). . . . .
IMAP Server (email). . . . .
SMTP Server (email). . . . .
HTTP Server (WWW). . . . ..
FTP Server . . . . . . . . .
Authorization Account. . . . userid (for using the dial-in modems)
Email Address. . . . . . . .
Email Return Address . . . .
POP Account. . . . . . . . .
Home Page URL. . . . . . . .
Primary DNS Server . . . . .
Secondary DNS Server . . . ..


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