Eudora Lite Setup for MICHUSA.COM

Eudora comes in two versions, Eudora Light and Pro. Eudora Light is available as a free download. Eudora Pro, however, must be purchased. The following screen shots of the setup screens may vary a little, but these should help you set up the program to work properly.

New Account Setup

Step 1) Open the program and select the Options command from the Tools menu (in later versions you need to select the Settings command under the Special menu).

Step 2) The POP Account is the important part here. If you have your own domain, you will use
If you subscribe to, use as your POP account: name. Type your name in the Real name: field. Your connection method should be set to Winsock (Network, PPP, SLIP. Next click on the Personal Info tab:

Step 3) The information from getting started should already apppear for the POP Account : and the Real name: fields. The only item to add in this window is your email address. Type your email address in the Return address: field then click on the Personal Info tab. :

Step 4) Type in the SMTP: field. Leave the Ph: and Finger: fields blank. Click on the Checking Mail tab.

Step 5) The important part in this window is the option to save your password so that you don't have to enter it every time you
check your mail, and the option to leave mail on server. You can check this box if you check your email in two or more
places (office and home) -- Just be aware that if you set your Eudora to leave mail on the server at home and work, you
will end up with numerous messages on the server which could cause problems for you later. So, the best idea is to have
one of them set to REMOVE the mail. Click on Sending Mail tab.

Step 6) These setting are pretty much repeats of earlier screens, the thing to look for here is the domain to add to unqualified
addresses. This means that if you send a message to someone and you DO NOT enter the entire email address i.e.
( you simply put jdoe -Eudora will send the message to whatever domain name you put in the

The other settings in the Options window are really more personal preference type settings, feel free to browse around
and play with it a little...The settings we went over here are the ones that are important in order for you to send and
receive email.