Macintosh Eudora Setup for MICHUSA.COM

Eudora comes in two versions, Eudora Light and Pro. Eudora Light is available as a free download. Eudora Pro, however, must be purchased. The following screen shots of the setup screens may vary a little, but these should help you set up the program to work properly.

New Account Setup

Step 1) Open the program and select Settings command under the Special menu. If this is the first time that you have used Eudora, the Setup options should pop-up automatically.

Step 2) Type your name in the Real name: field. The POP Account is the important part here. If you have your own domain, you will use If you subscribe to, use as your POP account: name. .For Return Address type in your E-Mail Address. Make sure that the TPC/IP radio button is selected, then click on the Personal Information icon in the left-hand window.


Step 3) The information from getting started should already apppear for the POP Account:, the Real name:, and the Return address fields. The Dial-Up Username: field does need to be filled in. It is the first part of your E-Mail Address. Click on the Hosts option in the left-hand window


Step 4) Type in the SMTP: field. Leave the Ph: and Finger: fields blank. All check boxes below the Finger: field should remain unchecked. Now, click on the Checking Mail option in the left-hand window.

Step 5) This page contains options that do/do not have to be selected. It is up to your personal preferences.Check for Mail... is an option that will make Eudora check for new E-Mail messages every so often as set up by you. So if you check this option and put a 5 in the box, Eudora will check for new E-Mail every 5 minutes if Eudora is running. Skip messages over... is an option that will not download certain sized E-Mail messages. It is a good idea to leave this unchecked or you will never get E-Mail messages that have a large enough attachment or enough attachments to put the size of the message over the settings you put in the box. Leave on server... will leave messages on your E-Mail server for however many days you type in. The good part is that if you get a message at your home computer, but want to get it at work, you will be able to because it is still on the server. The down side is that this will tend to fill up your E-Mail space on your server. Send on Check is good to have selected. This way if you have any messages in the queue, it will send them whenever you check to see if you have any new mail. Save Password will save your mail password to a file. This way, you will only have to type it in once when checking your E-Mail. Otherwise you will have to type it in every time you check to see if you have new messages. Delete from Server... should be checked if you have Leave on server... checked. When you delete a message it goes into a trash folder. When you delete the trash folder, it deletes the message from your hard drive, it also deletes the message off the server so that your E-Mail space does not get too full. The Authentication option should be set to the default Passwords. Everything else on this page should be left alone, it is set up by default to work with our server system. If you scroll down the left-hand window, you will see a Sending Mail option, click on it.

Step 6) Return address and SMTP Server should already be filled in. Immediate send will send a new message without placing it in the queue. It is a good idea to have this checked. Send on check can be checked, but is not necessary with the Immediate Send option checked. Everything else on this page is an option that is determined by your personal tastes. All of the necessary settings have been covered. Now, click the OK button , and you're ready to start using Eudora Light.