Apple Internet Connection Kit Setup Using MICHUSA

Setting up a your MichUSA connection using the Apple Internet Connection Kit

After you have installed the Apple Internet Connection Kit (or if you have the kit preinstalled), open the Apple Internet Dialer icon and select "Define Provider Information" from the Provider menu located at the top of your screen (see figure below).

Click once on the Next button to move to the Service Provider Account Information dialog box. Replace all of the items below (expect for the Provider Name: text box) with your user ID, password, local access number (minus the area code) and password. Click the Next button to continue the setup. (Note: the "Huh?" button can be used to clarify above information given).

Match the following information below to your screen except for the E-Mail Address: (replace with "userid" with your login name at Click the Next button twice (skip over the Connection Script dialog box) to continue the setup.

Select your type of modem in the Modem: option. Select the type of port your are using for your modem in the Port: Option. Your local access number should already be in the text box next to the Number: option. If does not appear, enter it using the area code and the seven digit number. Select the Yes radial dial if you're using a touch tone phone. Select the No radial dial if you have a pulse dial. Click the Dial Phone button to connect to the internet. You can then run web browsers (Netscape), mail (Claris E-Mailer), news (NewsWatcher). If you have problems connecting using the information provided in this readme, please contact our office at 248-478-4301.


If you are using programs such as Eudora, Netscape, Anarchie, etc. you may be asked for certain information about your connection. Listed below is information that will help you setup various programs on the internet:

Service Machine Name (replace userid with your login ID)


NNTP Server (News) . . . . .

POP3 Server (email). . . . .

IMAP Server (email). . . . .

SMTP Server (email). . . . .

HTTP Server (WWW). . . . ..

FTP Server . . . . . . . . .

Authorization Account. . . . userid (for using the dial-in modems)

Email Address. . . . . . . .

Email Return Address . . . .

POP Account. . . . . . . . .

Home Page URL. . . . . . . .

Primary DNS Server . . . . .

Secondary DNS Server . . . ..


ATTACHMENT 1: Modems and Modem Strings

Use AT&F&D0 or AT&F for the following modems:

Aceex, Apple Express Modem, Boca, Cardinal, Compudyne, CPV, Digicom,

Dynalink (aka Telix and CMS?, Global Village Bronze, GVC, Hayes series, Intel, MacWarehouse, Macronix, Magic, Megahertz, Microcom, Multi-Tech, Practical Peripherals, Prometheus, PSI, Quicktel, Racal, SpectraCom, Telebit, UDS, Viking, Viva, Wang, Zoltrix, Zyxel


Use AT&F1&D0 or AT&F1 for the following modems:

Global Village Silver, Gold & Mercury, Supra, USRobotics


Use ATZ for the following modems:

AT&T DataPort, Best Data, CPC, Data Race, Focus, Zoom

To quite your modem as you dial use M0 at the end of the string (example: AT&FM0)

To make your modem dial faster use S11=50 at the end of the string.(example: AT&FS11=50)

If the suggested string does not work for your modem, please contact our office at 248-478-4301.



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